Hello everyone.


How many of us go to conferences or events and then get inundated with emails from vendors we met while at these conferences? Have you noticed that the virtual conferences and events are just as bad, or maybe even worse, especially since the ability to see vendors is lessened at these virtual events?


I have spoken about the flood of emails coming from “vendors” once the COVID crisis really hit, with most of them coming from vendors with whom you have never spoken. I did a search one day on some of the ones I had never heard of and there is a good reason for that: they didn’t exist. While IT Security is a hot topic for a lot of phishing emails, you can apply the same logic to other areas.


In addition to email, you may have noticed more posts on social media touting ways to protect you, your crops, your cattle, your staff, etc., during the pandemic. In fact, I have noticed that I have been getting a lot of people wanting to connect on LinkedIn. Sometimes it is one independent person trying to connect, while other times it may be a company with several different employees asking to connect.


My advice for any of these methods, be it email or social media, is to ignore what you get from anyone you do not know. When several employees from the same supposed company cannot spell the very thing they want you to buy into, then you know it’s not real. Just remember: don’t click, don’t connect, and don’t reply.


As always, please be aware, be cautious, be vigilant, and especially contact me any time you have questions or concerns. I certainly appreciate the thought you all put into protecting the Institute’s data and yourselves.