Good morning.


As the year comes to an end, I want to remind everyone of our most comprehensive, thus important, IT security policy. UTIA IT0110 – Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Security Policy, better known as the AUP, applies to all Institute- and University-owned IT assets, as well as anyone who uses them.


The AUP tells what users WILL do, including:

·         comply with all IT policies and procedures;

·         install, use, and update virus protection software;

·         use only credentials associated with your own account and only for their authorized purposes;

·         plus nine more items!


The AUP also details what users WILL NOT do, including:

·         share passwords;

·         use accounts, privileges, and /or assets not authorized to use;

·         commit copyright infringement;

·         connect unauthorized devices to the network;

·         plus 13 more items!


The AUP contains references to many other Institute and UT System policies that are to be followed. So, please take a moment to review this policy as reminder of IT expectations. Links to other policies referenced are included in the AUP, so please refresh your memory on some of those, as well.


And as a final reminder for the year…don’t forget that Windows 7 will no longer be supported after January 14, 2020. The AUP does state that users will, “Use only supported and patched applications and operating systems on Institute-owned devices.” If you have not notified me of devices you feel need to continue using Windows 7, please let me know by December 31. Otherwise, make sure the devices have been upgraded to Windows 10 before January 14. Windows 7 devices that have not been upgraded (or an exception approved) before January 14, will be removed from the network beginning January 15.


As always, I can’t thank you all enough for everything you do to protect the Institute and its data! I hope everyone has a very joyous and safe Holiday season.