Image of Vault

Did you know that UT offers a way to send large files quickly and securely? UT Vault, or Secure Courier, is a secure file transfer service that allows you to do this. The files are encrypted in transit and at rest, preventing unauthorized access, so this is a preferred method of sending files with sensitive data.

A user will send a message with the attachment(s) via the Vault. The intended recipient will get an email from notifying them of the message. The email does include a link to your message. While I do not recommend clicking links in emails as a best practice, you may copy and paste the link into a browser, or you may log into directly, then choose to view messages. The message and attachment will be saved in the Vault for 20 days, and the attachment will be in your downloads folder on your computer until you delete it or move it.

In addition to the 20-day limit for saving the message, there are a few file storage limits. You can have a maximum of 30 files, up to 15.0 GB per file, and the total storage limit is 50.0 GB. This is actually a large amount, so it makes the Vault very conducive for sending research files that need to be shared in a secure manner.

Use UT Vault - Secure Courier