Yes, I know I talked about passwords last month, but sometimes you just can’t say enough about them! With the two-factor authentication deadline being today, I have had a lot of questions this week about the non-expiring password. Since that was not clear on the https://2fa.utk.edu site, I want to clarify it.


In order to take advantage of the non-expiring password, here’s what you need to do/know:


1.      Enable your 2FA account.

2.      Go to https://passwords.utk.edu, and change your password.

3.      If you recently changed your password *before* you enabled your 2FA account, you will have to change it again.

4.      Once you enable 2FA and use the link above to change your password, choose a 12-16 character password and it will then be flagged as a non-expiring password.

5.      Please know that you do not have to choose a 12-16 character password. You can choose an 8-11 character password and get reminders to change at your regular interval.

6.      You can also change the 12-16 character password anytime you like.


And I can never stress the following often enough:


·         Never, ever share your password with *anyone*!

-          This violates numerous policies, including UTIA IT0110 – Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Security Plan (AUP) and HR0508 – Code of Conduct.

-          If you need to share your calendar with someone, please use calendar permissions to grant access. No one should ever log into your calendar with your credentials.

-          Remember that anyone who has your NetID and password now has access to everything for which you have access.

·         If you access resources with someone else’s credentials, you are violating numerous policies, including UTIA IT0110 and HR0508 (above).

·         If you need to have a shared account, go through the proper channels to get that approved and documented. This is typically only approved for department accounts and special circumstances.


I truly appreciate everything everyone does to keep the Institute’s data safe and secure!


Thank you!