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What is an Energy Audit?

An energy audit is a process of identifying all energy uses in the home or business to determine the amounts of energy used and the costs.  The findings of the energy audit can be used to determine ways to reduce energy use through conservation and energy efficiency improvements.  For example, you can increase the attic insulation, install curtains or drapes for windows and patio doors, reduce hot water usage, and switch from incandescent bulbs to energy efficient lighting.

DIY Home Energy Audits:

There are several online, do-it-yourself home energy audit tools that you can use to gain an understanding of your energy use patterns and costs.  Based on these audits, you can change your inputs to see potential savings. 


Detailed In-Home Energy Audits:

Detailed home energy audits can be arranged through your electric utility or by an independent energy specialist.  In the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) service area, your utility company can schedule an in-home 'Energy Right' audit to identify areas for energy conservation and improved energy efficiency.

After the Energy Audit - Using the Findings:

Explore ways to reduce energy use and costs through conservation and improved efficienty.
Example of home energy audit results
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