June 2015 — Statistical Process Control and Lean Manufacturing Systems


L to R:  Maximillian Platzer Holt (University of Tennessee),Marc Banholzer (University of Tennessee), Cody Camp (Arauco-Flakeboard), Joe Melezko (Ainsworth Engineered Wood), Sam Werler (Chemstar), Steve Christiansen (Glanbia USA), Athena Beckwith (Glanbia USA), Phillip Hursey (Unilin US MDF), Jeffery Thompson (Norbord Corp.), Joseph Guthrie (West Frazer), Jason Camp (Norbord Corp.), Acee Lucero (Glanbia USA), Tim Williams(Georgia-Pacific Chemical), Brent Lanius (Arauco-Flakeboard)





March 2015 — Design of Experiments


L to R: Jerry Eidson (J.M. Huber Corp.), Olga Khaliukova (University of Tennessee), Randy Graham (Georgia-Pacific Corp.), Allen Verhaeghe( Hexion Corp.), Chris Wren (Hexion Corp.), Costyl Njiojob (University of Tennessee), Jackson Audley (University of Tennessee)





November 2014 — Statistical Process Control and Lean Manufacturing Systems




Companies Represented: Arauco-Flakeboard; Great Lakes Cheese, Inc.; J.M. Huber Corp.; Louisiana-Pacific Corp.; Norbord Corp.; Roseburg Forest Products




May 2013 — Design of Experiments



L to R: Matt Holt (University of Tennessee), Hagen Maraun (Salzburg University of Applied Sciences), Dave Linesman (Georgia-Pacific Corp.), Yujie Meng (University of Tennessee), Andreas Attwenger (Salzburg University of Applied Sciences), Steve Ashley(Georgia-Pacific Chemicals, LLC), Tim Young (University of Tennessee - Instructor), Terry Liles (Huber Engineered Wood)




April 2013 — Statistical Process Control and Lean Systems


L to R: Dave Kruse (Flakeboard Corp.), Matt Meter (Barilla Food Corp.), Gordon Weeber (Ainsworth Corp.), Kate Bryant (Weyerhaeuser), Tim Young (University of Tennessee - Instructor), Vance Thomas (Louisiana-Pacific Corp.), Terry Ouellet (Ainsworth Corp.), Josh Pritt (Georgia-Pacific Corp.), Marc Gouliquer (Ainsworth Corp.), Jedediah Jones (Weyerhaeuser)