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Field Soil Submission Sheet​

The Plus soil test ($15 per samples) includes pH, (Mehlich 1 Extractable) phosphorus, potassium, calcium, mangnesium, zinc, manganese, iron, sodium and boron. Fertilizer recommendations for up to four crops, vegetables, or turfgrass combinatinos are also reported. 

The plus tests uses Mehlich 1 and is designed for mineral, inorganic soils thus not suitable for bark or peat-based mixes. See greenhouse or potting media​.  

Pre-sidedress nitrate (PSNT), Sulfate Sulfur (NH4OAc), total carbon (organic matter), and soluble salts are also offered at additional charges.  

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Accessing Soil Test Results Online:

Your soil test information is accessible by using the email address provided when samples were submitted.  Create an account in order to access reports(if not already done so).

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