We will help agencies and communities overcome challenges by providing independent technical expertise to:
  • Develop manuals, design approaces, testing methods, etc.;
  • Create training manuals, videos, and training sessions for building local expertise;
  • Provide a database of vetted information on successful application of practices;
  • Develop a “rapid response team” of monitoring and evaluation experts to assist agencies with stormwater emergencies and forensics.
The SMART Center assisted the Obed Community Watershed Association in sizing bank protection features in the Little Obed River, Near Crossville, TN.
The SMART Center Assistance program will offer a range of Assistance services at various levels of resource commitment.  The table below lists the gamut of provided services, generally ranging from readily available to fee-based services. 


Assistance Service or Tool


Web Resource Library

Free public access to a suite of literary resources and computational tools collected from respected sources around the country and organized by topic area.

Community Forum

A public dialogue on stormwater-related issues facilitated by SMART Center Scientists and shares the experiences of stormwater professionals from around the state.

Project Monitoring

Water quantity and/or quality monitoring through water sample collections, instrumentation, or other means of project documentation. 

Engaging the Public

Speaking at organized functions related to water quality or stormwater management.

Targeted Educational Programs

Providing technical assistance training workshops for governmental entities on how to meet permit requirements and create community awareness.

Public Education

Utilizing fee-based Extension programs to engage the general public on stormwater management at the community scale. 


Targeted Audiences:

Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4s) Operators – The range of assistance opportunities extended to our primary governmental audience of regulated municipalities will include on-site consults, assistance with grant proposals, targeted water quality monitoring, guidance on project success documentation, plan review, and permit consults.  Priority will be given to unique situations or conditions that render a project or issue to be of particular interest to the stormwater community at large.  When a governmental entity has a particular need for assistance that will provide research opportunities on new practices or techniques or result in a progressive policy or environmental planning, specialized assistance services may be utilized where the SMART Center will act as a partner in these endeavors. 


Specialized Assistance Service


On-site Consultation

Site visits performed by SMART Center Scientists with stormwater professionals to provide technical guidance on specific facilities or devices under unique environmental conditions.

Project Development

Taking an advisory role in the groundwork and planning process of stormwater projects with partners.

Document Review

Providing feedback on plans, reports, or manuals produced by partners for the general public or other practitioners.


Homeowners – The services provided to individuals/homeowners will be primarily delivered through the existing UT Extension program, Tennessee Smart Yards. This program offers fee-based educational programming, as well as access to free guidance and advice on environmentally-conscious practices towards creating a healthy yard landscape with an emphasis on maintaining ecological function within our watershed communities. The program provides home stormwater audits, a 6-hour educational workshop, advanced topics workshops, and assistance in residential rainscape installations.


Private Consultants – The opportunities for the private consulting industry links directly with our hands-on training programs. We will also offer similar services as available to municipal governments, but in a fee-based structure.  These services include project development, plan review, and project monitoring.