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Get Involved

We are currently designing the infrastructure for the SMART Center, and hope to break ground in the very near future.  But we need help.  We are currently meeting with any and all stakeholders who have interest in the Center and want to become a partner.  We seek monetary donations, in-kind services, or any other contribution that would assist us in making the SMART Center a reality.  In the long-term, we envision the SMART Center to be a self-sustaining research and education center that hosts researchers and professionals and is funded through endowments and external grants.  

We have outlined a brief list of services that are required to build the Center.  Please contact Tim Gangaware ( or John Buchanan ( if you would like to talk with us about how you or your company can get involved in creating the Tennessee SMART Center.  ​

​​How can you get involved?  ​​
Need​ Estimated Value
Initial planning and construction​​
​      ​Initial layout, permitting ​ ​$8,000​
      Site survey​ ​$25,000
      ​Site planning & layout ​$55,000
Utilities installation ​$35,000
Site preparation / grading​ ​​$45,000
Test facility construction​​
Reservoir design and construction​ ​$50,000
Water supply and delivery (pumps & piping) ​$35,000
​Hillslope test area grading, piping, etc. ​$42,000
Green infrastructure area​ ​$57,000
​Channel/basin system $72,000​
Test facility equipment​​ ​
​Heavy equipment (tractor, skid-steer, wagon, etc.) $150,000​
Rainfall simulator construction ​$50,000
Indoor test equipment (flume, basin, etc.)​ $75,000​
General lab equipment​ ​$37,000
​Flow measurement equipment ​$30,000
Samplers, sensors, weather station​ ​$17,000
Shop & other tools ​$20,000
Structures​​ ​ ​
Office $175,000​
Shop $45,000​
Garage ​$25,000
Soil storage $15,000​
Office Equipment ​​ ​$5,000