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Our People

We are a cooperative group of faculty and technical staff at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and the Institute of Agriculture.  Our individual charges align with the university missions of high quality teaching, innovative and cutting-edge research, and fulfilling the State & Land Grant Institution Extension mission. We work in a collective effort to advance the sceince and practice of stormwater management within the range of land use change we see throughout Tennessee's watesheds. 
John R. Buchanan, PhD, P.E. – Associate Professor, Dept. of Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science, University of Tennessee, Knoxville; educ. background in agricultural and civil engineering; 21 years teaching, research interests and outreach experience in onsite wastewater management, water quality, stormwater engineering and agri. waste management; TDEC fundamentals/inspector certification & design training courses instructor; Water Envir.Fed. (WEF), Soil & Water Conserv. Soc. (SWCS), IECA; 865-974-7266,
Maudy Budipradigdo, BS in Architecture, MS in Landscape Design, graduate student in Biosystems Engineering Technology. Interest in green infrastructure practices, erosion control, and how to combine aesthetics and engineering principles in stormwater management.  865-974-7266 
Timothy R. Gangaware, AICP, M.S. Urban & Reg. Planning,  B. S. Envir. Sciences; Director, Tennessee Water Resources Research Center (TN-WRRC), University of Tennessee, Knoxville; oversees TN-WRRC research program; research interests in urban stormwater mgt., nonpoint source pollution control, water resources mgt. planning, watershed assessments, & SE region water policy issues;  Coordinator of  fundamentals/certification training program for Tennessee Dept. of Environment and Conservation (TDEC); APA, ASCE,  IECA, AWWA, WEF, UCOWR, SWCS, AWRA;  865-946-2151,
Jon M. Hathaway, PhD, P.E. - Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering , University of Tennessee, Knoxville; background in water resources and environmental engineering with interest in innovative post-construction stormwater management, green infrastructure, low impact development, and ecological engineering; consulting experience in stormwater BMP design, sustainable development, and MS4 program support;  865-974-6058,
Qiang He, PhD - Associate Professor, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Tennessee, Knoxville; background in environmental engineering with focus on water quality; interests in engineered and natural treatment processes, molecular monitoring techniques, persistent pollutants, microbiological quality of water, and biogeochemistry of aquatic environments; IWA, AEESP, WEF, ASM; 865-974-6067,
Stephen Kenworthy, PhD. ; Hydrologist and fluvial geomorphologist, Oak Ridge, TN. Expertise in surface hydrology, erosion and sedimentation, and water quality monitoring in river systems. Interests in watershed management, green infrastructure practices, stormwater policy and regulations, stream restoration, and aquatic ecosystems. 865-202-4271
Andrea L. Ludwig, PhD, EIT - Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist, Dept. of Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science Department, University of Tennessee, Knoxville; general  interest in outreach programs for community & citizen awareness of stormwater pollution, BMP applications, & local govt. stormwater management systems; research interest in stormwater management practices from impervious surfaces & wetlands pollutant attenuation, IECA, AEES, AWRA.  865-974-7238,
Paul Schmierbach, P.E., B. S. in Civil & Environmental Engineering ; recently retired from Tennessee Dept. of Environment & Conservation (TDEC), where he played the roles of Environmental Program Manager; Manager,  Water Pollution Control, Knoxville Field Office; Tenn. Mining Program; and Oil & Gas Programs & Abandoned Coal  Mine Reclam. Program; Coordinator of TDEC erosion prevention & sediment control regulation program (incl. SWPPP reviews, Construction General Permits (CGP), compliance, EPSC Handbook, stormwater education); currently SMART Center Implementation Director; 865-776-3025,
John S. Schwartz, PhD, P.E. - Associate Professor, Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering , University of Tennessee, Knoxville; background in water resources engineering with interest in river sediment transport, watershed-scale pollutant transport and management practices, and environmental/ecological assessment; consulting practice in stormwater BMP design and MS4 permitting; TDEC hydrology-geomorphology instructor for stream determination certification program; ASCE, AWRA, AEES, AGU;  865-974-7721,
Bruce A. Tschantz, PhD, P.E. - Professor Emeritus, Civil & Environmental Engineering; currently Senior Research Associate, Tennessee Water Resources Research Center, University of Tennessee, Knoxville; background in water resources engineering; research interests in surf. water hydrology modeling, stormwater management, extreme event flooding, dam safety, erosion prevention & sediment control practices; TDEC fundamentals/inspector certification & design training courses instructor; F. ASCE, ASDSO, IECA, AWRA; 865-531-5624,
John Tyner, PhD, P.E., P.G. - Associate Professor, Dept. of Biosystems Engineering & Soil Science (BESS), University of Tennessee, Knoxville; background in geology and engineering/hydrology; research interests in field scale processes, infiltration and subsurface transport; interest in pervious concrete and sediment basin skimmers; AGU, EWRI, & ASABE; 865-974-7130,
Daniel Yoder, PhD, P.E. – Professor and Biosystems Engineering Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Biosystems Engineering & Soil Science
(BESS), University of Tennessee, Knoxville; background in surface water hydrology; interests in erosion and sediment control, RUSLE development & applications, hydrologic monitoring; research interests in stormwater management, erosion and sediment control; AAAS, AGU, ASABE, F. SWCS; 865-974-7116,




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