Our Mission
Meeting the information needs of the entire stormwater management community through:
Who are we?
  • University of Tennessee faculty representing six disciplines, one institute, and two centers, with a listing of current or recent related activities below;
  • A number of interested faculty from other institutions, including research and 1890 universities;
  • A growing list of partners providing or pledging financial or in-kind support, including the following:
- University of Tennessee (AgResearch, Extension, Institute for a Secure & Sustainable Environment, Forest Resources Research and Education Center) 
- Tennessee state agencies (TN Dept. of Environment and Conservation, TN Wildlife Resources Agency, TN Dept. of Agriculture)
- Tennessee Valley Authority 
- Engineering consulting firms ( Fulghum-MacIndoe and Associates Engineering, S&ME Engineering, GEOServices, LLC, Cannon and Cannon Engineering) 
- Builders and suppliers (Rogers Group, Blalock Companies)
How is this Unique? 
  • Integrated across the entire range of research, teaching, and extension, providing unique opportunities for synergies such as trainees installing and giving feedback on newly-developed practices;  
  • Integrated from first site disturbance to permanent stormwater control measures, breaking the artificial separation in time and allowing for better sequencing of practices, such as installing infiltration practices early to minimize the site runoff that must be handled by construction BMPs;
  • Brings together all land-disturbing managements (construction, mining, forestry, agriculture) under the same umbrella, providing for sharing of ideas and approaches;
  • Provides true full-scale testing of the entire range of practices, including large channels, basins, plots, infiltration areas, etc.  No other facility combines these capabilities in one place.
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