The Tennessee Smart Yards initiative is making news across the state. Here you can read articles about what others are doing to improve their yards and conserve water.


Does your yard measure up? 

Local Extension agents and stormwater professionals are teaming up to provide you with the guidance you need to ensure that your yard is a "Tennessee Done Right Yard." One that is beautiful, environmentally friendly and saves you money. They are doing this through Tennessee Yards and Neighborhoods . . .

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State program teaches fundamentals to create eco-friendly yard

By Heather Peters

Stuart Bartholomaus, a master gardener and volunteer at UT Gardens, is passionate about his yard. He's also an advocate for water conservation and making a positive contribution to the environment. Stuart and his wife Mary recently created a rain garden on their one-acre property in Northwest Knox County. A rain garden is formed in a dip in the yard to absorb water from rooftops, driveways and higher areas, as opposed to the water running off.

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Gardening with Intent, Her Magazine

Johnson City Press, Vol. 3 2011

By Pat Everheart

Photos by Mike Murphy

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Simple actions at home improve the environment

By News Sentinel staff

David Vandergriff and Parci Gibson want us to celebrate Earth Day in our own back yards.

Vandergriff, a University of Tennessee Extension agent, and Gibson, educational outreach coordinator with Knox County Stormwater Management, have used a series of workshops this spring to spread the word that healthy and attractive yards are also earth friendly - and budget friendly, too.

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Green Thumb: Rainy-day savings "During summer dry spells, captured rainfall is a barrel of blessings"

By Christine Arpe Gang

Like almost everyone else, gardeners complain when rain ruins their weekend plans or stalls their desire to get out and dig. But gardeners almost always add a qualifying phrase that goes something like this: "We'll wish we had this rain in July."

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