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Need a Christmas gift for a gardener? How about a King of Spades 18-inch DuraRake? If you bought or received the King of Spade Diamond Point Spade last year for Christmas as we suggested and fell in love with it, you'll love the rake just as much. Its high-quality all metal construction means you can leave it in your will. It is made from aircraft-quality tubing, with a replaceable head. At the UT Gardens in Jackson, we are now using many of the W.W. Manufacturing/King of Spades tools. Once you use their products, you will not want any others. They are costly, but well-worth it. If you live in the Knoxville area, Knoxville Seed on Rutledge Pike sells King of Spades products. They may not stock the full line, but they should be able to get many of the products for you. For more information visit: http://www.americangardentools.com or http://kingofspadesonline.com

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