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Lenten rose (Helleborus orientalis) and its hybrids are one of the first plants to flower in the new year. A little cleanup makes a big difference when these winter beauties blossom. There are two thoughts on removing last year's foliage. If you're like me, there's less to do in the garden now, and if I wait around until March, it may not get done. I like to cut back last year's foliage on Helleborus before the flower stalks appear. Follow the old leaves down to the crown and remove the entire leaf stalk near the soil. In mild winters, the foliage often still looks good in February, but as the flowers and new foliage appear, the old leaves will become unsightly. The old foliage will be much more difficult to remove once the new growth has appeared. In some winters, the earliest flowers may ge damaged, but I don't mind sacrificing a few for a tidy plant later on.

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