Executive Committee

Ludwig, Andrea:College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources (Chair)
Jacobs, Becky: College of Law
Tran, Liem: College of Arts and Sciences
Moir-McClean, Tracy L: College of Architecture and Design
Schwartz, John: College of Engineering

Watershed Minors Faculty Advisors

College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources:
Alford, Brian FWF
Ayers, Paul BESS
Buchanan, John BESS
Clark, Chris AREC
Franklin, Jennifer FWF
Gray, Matt FWF
Logan, Joanne BESS
Ludwig, Andrea BESS
Strange, Richard FWF
Walker, Forbes BESS
Yoder, Daniel BESS
College of Architecture and Design:
Fulton, Gale LA
Moir-McClean, Tracy LA
College of Arts & Sciences:

Armsworth, Paul EEB
Burr, Devon EPS
Ellis, Kelsey, GEOG
Jones, Robert SOC
Li, (Phillip) Yingkui GEOG
McKay, Larry EPS
Tran, Liem GEOG
College of Engineering:

Cox, Chris CEE
Hathaway, Jon CEE
Papanicolaou, Thanos CEE
Schwartz, John CEE
College of Law:

Jacobs, Becky LAW