Need a crash course on watersheds?  Here is a 6.5-minute youtube video that might help: 

These resources were created to help Extension Agents and Municipal Government Professionals reach the diverse group of stakeholders interested in local and regional water quality. 

General Publications - Peer reviewed publications.

Rainwater: Your Liquid Asset (W300)
Stormwater Glossary (W301)
Live Staking (SP781-B)

Tennessee Smart Yards Agent/Trainer Portal

Rain Garden Toolkit - Resources for educational sessions on rain gardens for the classroom setting or at one of our demonstration gardens located on the grounds at the UT Gardens, Plateau REC, West Tennessee REC, and Clyde York 4-H Center in Greeneville. These resources have not been peer reviewed.  

Rain Gardens Builder's Guide (D22) - an overview on the design, construction and maintenance on residential rain gardens.
Rain Gardens Educator's Toolkit (D21)
- a guide to the use of props and experiential learning techniques related to rain gardens.

Rain Garden Builders Resource Packet - a compilation of materials for rain garden design using scaled stencils for garden footprints and native perennial plants. Individual files for stencils and plant ID sheets are linked below.

Rain Gardens for Tennessee Site Summary

Rain Garden Facts and Tips

Check out the rain garden at Henry Horton State Park built as a service project during the Annual Tennessee Stormwater Association Meeting: click here!

Youth Water Education

Traveling Tennessee's Watersheds.pdf - Crossword puzzle with clues found on the free "Official Transporation Map for 2015" found at any Tennessee State Welcome Center.  (Targeted 6-8th grade)

Winding Through Tennessees Watersheds.pdf - Crossword puzzle with clues found on a free web application, created on

Online Resources

Tennessee Watershed Address Map (TWAM) - Find map here:’s Your Tennessee Watershed Address Activity GuideTWAM examples for the UT Extension Central Region Office in Nashville and West Tennessee REC in Jackson.

Delineating drainage basins (aka watersheds) using Tennessee StreamStats Version 3 (software developed by the USGS). 

See the watersheds in your county and make a map for your presentations. Tennessee Watersheds Map:

See rain gardens around the state:
(email Andrea Ludwig at to submit a rain garden for inclusion on the map)

Find out about water quality in the streams and rivers in your county with the EPA's application, How's my Waterway? 

Web Packets

Rain Gardens in the News!  Click here for web packet

Ecofriendly Deicers are the right choice during winter. Click here for web packet.