Municipal stormwater runoff regulations in urban areas are continually evolving to minimize the amount of stormwater runoff entering our surface waters and decrease nonpoint source polllution. These new policies have taken affect in over 85 communities across the state, changing the way we manage urban stormwater generated from new developements in 36 counties. For a complete list of communities with new stormwater regulations, visit the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation's (TDEC's) Stormwater Program website. We are working with TDEC to provide technical guidance and assistance to communities across the state on how to incorporate innovations and engineered solutions to stormwater management through low impact development and public awareness. Through the Stormwater Management Assistance Research and Training Center, or SMART Center, we are equipping our municipalities with information for municipal stormwater professionals, elected officials, and city planners. Access training workshop materials here.
 Thirty-six Tennessee counties contain communities that have stormwater utilities and new regulations to protect surface waters from stormwater runoff and associated pollution. The University of Tennessee is one of these newly regulated communities.  Visit our UT Stormwater page to learn more about our system.