The Tennessee Smart Yards program helps Tennesseans create healthy home landscapes with curb appeal while protecting the environment around us. A certified TN Smart Yard uses 9 principles to maximize the natural potential of your yard. Through this program, homeowners can learn how to implement rainscaping strategies like rain gardens and rainwater harvesting to take full advantage of every raindrop that falls on their property. Visit our TN-yards website to find out about the next workshop offered in your area and learn how your yard can become Smart for Tennessee!
Consider taking these easy steps in your yard to be a better upstream neighbor:
  • Disconnect your downspouts from the storm drain and let the water soak into your lawn
  • Build a rain garden  - Click here to see a video on a large scale garden built at Henry Horton State Park!
  • Take a soil sample before applying fertilizers
  • Use eco-friendly deicers 
  • Aerate your yard and amend soils with compost to decrease runoff and erosion
  • Choose native plants and groundcovers for your gardens

Thanks for making water resource protection a priority in your community!
Counties with TN Smart Yard programs are highlighted below.  And we will be moving into new counties across the state soon!