Building a Rain garden is one simple way you can beautify your outdoor space while doing your part to protect water quality. A rain garden is a planted depression that is built into the landscape to capture and infiltrate runoff from impervious surfaces, like rooftops and pavement. Rain gardens help retain precious rainwater and nourish soil and plants. They can be easily incorporated into residential spaces and small-scale commercial landscaping, working with nature instead of against it.

Get Involved!  UT Extension has started a new Tennessee Rain Garden Database to help you create a rain garden in your yard or common space.  Visit our web map to get see photos of rain gardens at work in Tennessee watersheds, see their size, and get a list of the plants that are planted in each rain garden. Or if you have a rain garden, register it with us HERE! 
Rain Garden Builder - Flowchart.jpg 
The rain garden at the Landscape and Environment Lab, just north of the UT Gardens.