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Poplar Breeding and Development Program

Hosted by:     Bernie McMahon
​​​​University of Minnesota - Natural Resources Research Institute (UM-NRRI)

​​Contact Bernie with questions. Tel: +1 763-647-0877; Email: 

Sunday, July 22, 2018

0700-0730     Gather at Hotel Lobby
​​Embassy Suites Minneapolis Airport Hotel
7901 34th Avenue South, Bloomington, Minnesota 55425
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**For participants not traveling through Bloomington (i.e., the Twin Cities), please contact Bernie to schedule logistics.

0730-1100     Travel, Bloomington to Cohasset, Minnesota

1100-1230     Stop 1: Minnesota Power Property     (Cohasset, Minnesota)

​​​2018 (establishment year)
USDA NIFA Populus Genotype x Environment (G x E) Performance Trial
20 clones including 2 standards; 30 ramets per clone; single-tree plots; containerized pre-rooted planting stock

2016 (age 2)
Yield blocks, 400s (3 clones; 10 x 40 block or plot size; 3 reps)
Yield blocks, 100s (3 clones; 10 x 10 block or plot size; 3 reps)

2015 (age 3)
Family field trials (2012 CP P. deltoides x P. nigra (DN) families; 30 families; 20 individuals; 5 reps)
Clone trials (60 clones; single ramet plot size; 10 reps)
Yield blocks (9 clones; 8 x 8 plot size; 4 reps)

2015 & 2016 (age 2 & 3; archive plantings)
P. deltoides Bartr. Ex Marsh (eastern cottonwood)
P. nigra L. (black poplar)

1230-1330     Lunch
​​Florio's Grill, 105 Old Main Street, Cohasset, Minnesota 55721

1330-1400     Travel, Cohasset to Grand Rapids, Minnesota

1400-1600     Stop 2-4: University of Minnesota North Central Research and Outreach Center     (Grand Rapids, Minnesota)

​​​Stop 2: Legacy Plantings

2007 (age 11+)
Laurentian Energy Authority yield blocks (7 clones; 8 x 8 plots; 3 reps)

2010 (age 8+)
Sun Grant Initiative clone trials (all NRRI-tested; 70 clones; 2-tree plots; 3 reps)

1997 (age 20+)
​University of Minnesota archives (P. deltoides and P. deltoides x P. maximowiczii (DM) hybrids of Dr. Carl Mohn)

2015 & 2016 (age 2 & 3)
NRRI archives (parental collections)

Stop 3: Clonal Stool Beds and Preservation (First-year Coppice)

Section 1:  Primary Advanced clones with 2 standards (NM6 and DN5)

Section 2:  Secondary Advanced clones (54 clones)

Section 3:  Field selections DN clones from Wanderscheid (14 clones)

Section 4:  DN Pedigreed 2010 CP and 2010 CP family sets and individuals

Section 5:  Populus nigra clones and collections (U. Toronto; GWR; NRRI)

Section 6:  2010 CP DN pedigreed lots and individuals; along with Eastern cottonwood and black poplar parent clones

Stop 4: Progeny Trial (Second Growing Season)

2016 CP population including DD, NN, and DN full-sib lots (>6,500 seedlings)
Proposed plan: Ages 1 yr and 2 yr base data; survival, height, syllepsis, disease
Harvest after 2018: Rising 1-yr whips (2009) processed for establishing 2020 FFT

1600-1730     Travel, Grand Rapids to Duluth, Minnesota

1730-1800     Hotel Check-In     (Duluth, Minnesota)
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​1800             Dinner on your own

Monday, July 23, 2018

0800-0930     Stop 5: Tour of the University of Minnesota - Natural Resources Research Institute (UM-NRRI)
​​​Co-hosted by: Drs. Neil Nelson and George Host

0930-1330     Travel, Duluth to Rhinelander, Wisconsin

1330-1600     Participate in the 
Welcome Tour
​​​​USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station, Institute for Applied Ecosystem Studies, Rhinelander, Wisconsin